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12/19/20132013 Seoul garden Holiday hours! More
11/14/2013Thanksgiving Day open! More
9/30/2013Try our new Lunch specials! More
8/26/2013Labor Day Open More
6/27/2013July 4th Open More
5/23/2013Memorial Day Open! More
3/21/2013Try our new Lunch Specials! More
1/21/2013Martin Luther King JR's birthday open More
12/14/20122012 Holiday hours More
11/12/2012Thanksgiving Day open! More
9/2/2012Memorial Day Open! More
7/12/2012Kangnam combo season2 More
7/6/2012Power is back! More
7/5/2012Power outage closing More
6/28/2012July 4th open More
5/21/2012Memorial Day open More
12/26/2011New year Holiday Hours! More
12/18/2011Holiday hours More
11/18/2011Don't be starving and eat a horse^^ More
8/30/2011Labor Day open! More
6/24/2011Independence Day Open! More
5/27/2011Memorial Day Open! More
4/23/2011Easter Sunday open! More
3/13/2011Our condolences to the victims of Quake in Japan More
1/27/2011Expiration date of coupon Email More
1/2/2011We apprecate your patronage last year! More
12/28/2010New year Day open! More
12/20/2010We are closed on Dec` 25th More
11/18/2010Thanksgiving Day Open More
10/8/2010Sushi & Sashimi Dinner special! More
8/29/2010Labor Day open! More
7/29/2010Samgyetang came back! More
6/24/2010 More
6/12/20102010 South Africa Soccer Korea vs Greek! More
6/5/2010Try our June monthly roll, "GI Joe" More
5/26/2010Memorial Day Open! More
4/22/2010On April 30th Friday, only dinner menu will be served. More
2/14/2010Valentine Day! More
1/17/2010Open on Martin Luther Kin Jr Birthday! More
1/2/2010'2010 Tigher Roll' is coming shortly! More
12/26/2009New year's day Open! More
12/9/2009Holiday informatrion More
11/8/2009Thanksgiving Day Open! More
10/31/2009Multicultural Tase fest on Rackham Graduate School More
10/8/2009Seoul Garden Open Golf More
9/20/2009UMICH MBA Party More
8/27/2009Labor Day open! More
7/24/2009Try our Summer special Roll! More